looking toward the future

move is our multiphase plan to improve our campus and our ministries. this artist's rendering (by our own karin kolb!) depicts our plans for the exterior of our worship center (colors may vary). we've already added a new roof. next, we'll paint the exterior this fall. after that, we plan to reface the front of the building with vertical metal siding and accent the two entrances to the worship center with horizontal siding , new doors and new awnings. in future phases, we'll add a cross, improve our signage and make other improvements to our campus.

move campaign

after many months of meetings with a small church strengthening team, we have arrived at a multi-phased plan that will enhance our meeting space and demonstrate that we are invested in our community. work on the exterior of our worship center will begin this fall.

now is the time for our exterior to reflect not only our interior, but also reflect to our community that we are a vibrant house of believers who want to make an impact.

phase one includes several improvements:

  •          painting the worship center
  •          installing new vertical metal siding on the front of the worship center
  •          adding horizontal cladding around the doors and corner of the worship center
  •          replacing the doors to the worship center.
  •          expanding the sidewalk at the front of the worship center around the corner to create a second entrance.
  •          adding awnings over the sidewalk and doors for added weather protection
  •      adding exterior lighting to increase visibility and safety

the cross towering above our worship center is planned for a later phase. we believe our very visible location beside one of our community’s busiest roads is a great place to erect a tall, lighted cross that will serve as a beacon of hope as people enter rome. we also will be replacing and adding more signs around our campus in a future phase to help our visitors find our church.

please be in prayer for this project and how you can contribute to its success. individually, none of us can accomplish this great work, but together, we can make a difference that will have an impact for generations to come.

you can give by check, online on our website, or by texting the word MOVE to 706.321-4319. please remember to note that your donation is for the move campaign when making your gift. we believe God is at work and has great things to accomplish with our church. this project is a next step in that direction.