what does the weary world need after 2 years of pandemic living? hope. join us easter sunday at 10:30 am to learn about the promise of new life.

we will have an easter egg hunt for the kid's in children's church at 10:30 am as well.

join us for easter


10:30 am

jesus' resurrection is the single most important moment in the history of mankind. our society's cancel culture seeks to cancel any voice that disagrees. cancel cultures aren't new. more than 2,000 years ago, the religious leaders of the day attempted to cancel jesus and his message of love and forgiveness, but jesus  had the final word. his resurrection from death effectively cancelled death, bringing hope, light and an eternal perspective to our very hopeless and temporary world. 

join us sunday, april 17, 2022 for a celebration service and message of hope, and make sure to invite the friends and family in your life who could benefit from the promise of new life after two years of pandemic living. use our campus map to help you find your way.